Bulkfeed trailers

For its bulk feed transport solutions Berdex works together with the renowned Spanish brand Cuba Segre for auger operated bulkfeed trailers and the Italian brand Ardor for pressure operated bulkfeed trailers. The solidity and wear resistance of the Berdex chassis in combination with the technology and knowledge of these partners ensure a top product. Our solutions offer the best guarantee for quality, cost effciency and safety combined with easy operation and large capacity.

Auger-operated bulkfeed trailer

  • Light weight aluminium construction on a hot-dipped galvanised Berdex Chassis
  • Hydraulic opening/close inverted "V" Gates
  • Reinforced augers
  • Material discarge system: Via remote controlled 8 metres long boom tube with discharge rate upon 1500 kg/min depending on the type of feed
  • Cubas Segres's reinforced worm-gear turning system that allows to move the tube 360 degrees
  • High range remote control for tube maneuvers
  • Easy top loading by removing roll tarp (optional automatic roll tarp)
  • Primer and double coat of paint

Pressure-operated bulkfeed trailer

  • Self supported, aluminium throughout construction of tank
  • All fittings ,nuts bolts are stainless steel
  • One compartment, three discharge outlet cones with final discharge to rear of the tank.
  • The tanker is conform to all current EEC legislation and approvals.
  • Material filling system: 3 manholes DN 450 mm, with 3 tipping covers
  • Material discarge system: 2 outlet cone ,each fitted with a filtration pad, , Storz B coupling at the rear or flat flange
  • Aluminium safety catwalk 400 mm wide that complies with all current and pending health and safety guidelines
  • Aluminium, scissor-form , pneumatically operate handrail
  • Aluminium ladder .Non-slip treads