Quality has always been one of the most important reasons our customers put forth for choosing to buy our products, and we will always continue to stand for quality.

Naturally, you are keen to protect your investment, which is why every Berdex chassis is subjected to hot-dipped galvanisation. The other steel parts of the vehicle are galvanised or sandblasted, spray galvanised and sprayed. Furthermore, we primarily use stainless steel for finishing our vehicles. These treatments and finishes ensure that rust is not given a chance to form and your investment retains its value and – no less important – its appearance. Berdex is one of the few manufacturers that applies these treatments to all its chassis.

The strength of the aluminium profiles developed by Berdex is generally invisible. Because corrosion detracts from a product's appearance and usability, we factor this aspect in even at the design stage. That is why our profiles are equipped with blind drainages for condensation water, both in the side walls and, for instance, in the inner arches of your vehicle. Furthermore, all profiles that are slotted together are coated with premium finish/primer.


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