As few movable parts as possible and a sleek finish

Robustness and maximum usability are combined in the simplicity of our designs. When developing our products, we aim to limit the number of moving parts and create as clean a finish as possible. This keeps the amount of wear and tear to a minimum and makes replacement easier, if needed. This includes the cables for the tailgate and the floors, which you can replace yourself on-site using simple tools if needed. This approach has contributed to the high degree of usability of Berdex vehicles for many years now.

Examples that make a Berdex difference

  • Detailed view of umbrella hitch support. Riser with hidden hydraulic cylinder. Unique Berdex design with barely any moving parts.
  • Clean and smooth finish
  • No complicated technology
  • Switching the oil pressure from the tailgate to the floors is done by way of a manually operated ball valve. Robust and malfunction-resistant technology to ensure maximum usability.
  • Due to the unique Berdex design, we are able to use just a single dependable cylinder. With fewer moving parts, this system continues to function reliably even with partial wear.
  • The unique Berdex powered tailgate design with its slide pads features as few moving parts as possible. This ensures dependable usability.
Examples that make a Berdex difference


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